Our Equipment


The most accurate analytical testing technology in the industry is the liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) machine. It is able to process the most comprehensive number of trace elements in a patient’s specimen while reducing false reporting almost entirely. In addition, these machines are capable of accurately performing the highest number of individual tests in a given period for high-volume clients.


Our liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) technology is our primary mechanism used to test for the appearance of large or trace elements of both legal and illegal drugs or alcohol. This machine is the highest standard for toxicology testing in the industry. We not only provide accurate results, but we deliver digital confirmations via our private, secure online portal so that our partners can make real-time determinations as it relates to their client’s treatment planning.

These highly advanced machines use their technology to not only determine which drugs (or alcohol) are present in the specimen’s urine, but can also determine the quantity. These highly sensitive machines are capable of picking up even slight traces of prohibited drug material so that our clients can confidently use these results to determine initial or ongoing individual patient treatment programming.


Our testing results help our clients to identify if their patients are adhering to their treatment curriculum by diagnosing large or trace elements of forbidden substances. In some circumstances, medication-assisted treatment plans also require toxicology confirmations to ensure that the proper amounts of targeted therapy drugs are present in the patient’s system. In all cases, it is critical to have this quantifiable evidence available as a healthcare provider in order to support the client’s case, especially when communicating with insurance providers.